Routine Pedi-CARE ~ $65
For High-Risk, Seniors and Diabetic clients
*  Comprehensive foot health assessment
*  Complete Foot Care
*  Callus Reduction
* Podiatrist Referrals
abstract Xpress pedicure
On the Go foot treatment, includes foot soak, shaping
of the nails, light buff and foot exfoliation. Followed by
foot moisturizer and lacquer color of your choice.

artzy phartzy spa pedicure
Soothing foot soak, cuticles and nails are groomed;
soles are buffed, followed by our signature exfoliation.
Hydrating mask and steamy foot wrap applied.
Therapeutic Foot Massage followed by lacquer color of

add on
french   $5
paraffin treatment  $15
hot stone massage   $15
Specialty Foot-Care Services
Diabetic Clients
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gel care
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Pedi-Care Cleanliness Standards

We have always been concerned with the infections
you regularly hear about following pedicures at nail
salons where jet water basins have been used or
sterile infection control was not followed.  At
Abstract & Co., we offer specialty foot care services  
for diabetic clients in a safe and sterile environment
with a certified master pedicurist.

We practice the highest sterilization techniques
. Life
gives us enough worries every day, the last thing you
need to worry about is if you are going to get an
infection during your pedicure! At Abstract& Co. we
take cleanliness seriously. We believe in eliminating
any risk of bacteria. So when you visit us, all you have
to do is sit back and enjoy.

Implement Sterilization
We use a dry heat sterilizer for all of our implements.
What is a dry heat sterilizer? Dry Heat Sterilizers are
trusted by professionals including those in medical
and dental offices, nail salons, spas and salons,
electrology offices, laboratories and tattoo and
piercing shops. The dry heat method is considered
advantageous because it's one of the most reliable
ways to sterilize items without causing any corrosion
to metal equipment. In addition to eliminating any
rust and corrosion from forming, they protect
instrument sharpness. Dry heat sterilizers are also
known as hot air sterilizers and non-toxic and
completely environmentally friendly.

No Whirlpool Foot Baths (also known as Spa Chairs)
We don't use whirlpool spa chairs for pedicures at
Abstract & Co. Research shows that when the pipes
are not cleaned properly bacteria, skin and hair
particles gather up in the pipes and can cause
horrifying dangerous infections.

Why even have to worry whether or not your spa
chair was cleaned properly? Our pedicure basins
have plastic liners that fit into the basin. The liner is
thrown away after each customer.

Disposable Pedi Supplies
Abstract & Co. provides a disposable pouch with
supplies (including file, buffer, foot file, toe separators
and a few other items). Every time you are serviced a
new set of supplies will be used on you and discarded
after your service!

Technicians Use Vinyl Gloves
Your manicurist will wash their hands prior to your
service and wear a new pair of gloves during
pedicure service to avoid the spread of bacteria.
Ronieka Howell, CMP has been a
licensed manicurist for 20+ years.  She is one of
four Certified Master Pedicurists in the state of
Indiana, and comes highly recommended by
board-certified podiatrists in the city.  She
loves working on all kinds of feet and
emphasizes the importance of sterilization.  
Her background allows for a more expansive
skill set in treating all age groups, including
senior and diabetic clients.  

Ronieka believes that foot care goes far
beyond "fluff and buff" pedicures.  She takes  
pride in her work, confidently provides
preventative pedicure services, and finds joy
in the challenge of helping solve problematic
foot care issues.  

Her passion for healthy feet first, delivers an
assurance to you for better results to come
while on this wellness foot care journey with
her.  Ronieka vows to continue her education
and is working toward receiving her BS in
Podology in January 2017. She will continue to
educate her clients and help save the soles of
her community one foot at a time.